The Pahlavi Sword – Jemil Metti – Review

The Pahlavi Sword by Jemil Metti

Wow! A great profound story!

This is a page turner book that will remain in my mind and soul for so long time. Thank you for gifting it to me!

From the first page, I knew I would love this book. It started with a shocking scene and continued to describe some unimaginable events that Iran’s people were facing almost 40 years ago.

There are emotional moments, fear everywhere, tortured people, insecurity and devastated families.

I loved the main characters and the story as it is, even if is hard to accept what happened at that time.

This book is like a lesson for us all. It’s about real events that happened because of corrupt people and a defectuous political system that damaged a nation. Unfortunately, this kind of events still happens these days in some countries.


Here are some of the quotes I like:

“If there’s nothing to hide, there’s nothing to fear.”

“Even liars don’t lie about everything. Women are less inclined to fake their family stories than men; more likely than men to cheat for their families; men, more likely to cheat despite their families.”

“…it’s difficult to request a man’s freedom if the prisoner, under the spell of his captor, no longer sees himself a prisoner.”

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