Pink & Green is the New Black – Lisa Greenwald – Review

Pink & Green is the New Black by Lisa Greenwald

Lovely & easy reading book with lots of funny moments and many troubles for Lucy and her friends.

I like the whole story, also the characters and their exciting adventures.

I find this book a great read for teens, their parents and not only.


Here are some quotes I like and would love to share:

“Best friends are more important than boyfriends.”

“…once you hear that someone likes you, they immediately seem cuter.”

“When you’re really excited about something, you don’t mind when people ask questions about it. You want to tell them everything so that they can be excited too.”

“Maybe that’s how you know if you like someone. If you don’t want to be the most important person in the world to that person, you’re probably not that interested in going out with them.”

“People with broken hearts shouldn’t be reading stories about weddings.”

“It becomes surprisingly easy to lie when you’ve been doing it so consistently for so long.”

“Sometimes all you really need is to be needed.”

“Maybe life isn’t meant to be perfect. It’s meant to be complicated and messy and confusing, and that’s what makes it exciting and memorable.”

“The more you feel like you have everything figured out, the less you actually do.”

“That’s the thing about life – you never really know what will change, and whether that change is good or bad. You have to be open to anything.”

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