Illuminations – Mary Sharratt – Review


Illuminations by Mary Sharratt

Wow! Lovely and (in the same time) painful story! One of the best books I’ve read this year.

I love Hildegard as a child and also as an adult. She had a moving life story. Through this book I discovered some strange facts that I didn’t know they were happening in the past. This is a great historical adventure with so many life lessons.

Would love this captivating book put into a movie. It will be very interesting and emotional.


Here are some quotes I like and would love to share:

“Gluttony is the mother of all other sins.”

“True saints, she insisted, could live on water and air alone. Fasting cured every disease.”

“For every ailment under heaven, an herb grows to cure it.”

“He who does not love, does not know God, for God is love.”

“God is not just in heaven, but in every living thing.”

“The fish that feed on clean foods and that dwell in the clear waters of the upper or middle depths are the healthiest to eat. But the bottom-feeders, or the carp that dwell in stagnant marshes, should never be eaten by the sick.”

“Tall trees are the first to go down in the storm.”

“A true love sees past the beginnings of things. It sees them through to the end. Anything less is mere vanity.”

“How easy it was to tear things down, how difficult to build something up from the ground.”

“A good tree is known by its good fruit.”

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