How do I keep my employees motivated? – George Langelett – Review

How do I keep my employees motivated by George Langelett

This is a very helpful guide with many explanations and great ideas that every manager can put them into practice.

Using the methods that the author suggests, every employee will feel secure, will be motivated and give the best results. Also, the company will register better productivity too.

The secret for all of this to happen is the empathy-based management. The key is to understand the employees and help them achieve success.

Thank you for the great book and priceless practical ideas!


Here are some quotes I like and would love to share:

“Without our emotions, we cannot make decisions.”

“What is important is that your employees identify with you as their boss and as close friend who sincerely cares about their well-being.”

“Thus, as a manager, it is your nonverbal message, rather than your spoken words, that will have a greater impact on the long-term behavior of your employees.”

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