Dreams of Joy – Lisa See – Review

Dreams of Joy - Lisa See

Amazing book! Love it and I recommend it!

It’s a profound story with many turning points, emotions, adventures and horror moments.

I loved the main characters and their continuous fight for their own dreams.

Here are some quotes I like and would love to share:

“Everybody works so everybody eats.”

“A hurried marriage is not a solid basis for a marriage. Suicide is not a solution to unhappiness.”

“Just remember, a person is his – or her – history. If your history isn’t good, then you won’t be good. A rebel as a five-year-old will be a rebel as young man and will die a rebel.”

“The spear hits the bird that sticks his head out.”

“As long as we have enthusiasm and determination, we can achieve anything!”

“An inch of gold won’t buy an inch of time.”

“Always show the greatest kindness to the ones you like the least. If you show kindness to your mother-in-law, who like all women has been bred to hate her daughter-in-law, then you will create an obligation she will never be able to repay.”

“No matter what you’re feeling or how desperate you become, always take a moral position.”

“Those who have little to lose don’t want to lose what little they have. “

“…men are attracted to women who are crazy about them.”

“…truth, forgiveness, and goodness are more important than revenge, condemnation, and cruelty.”

“Give a low man one ounce of power and he’ll throw ten thousand pounds of bricks on your head.”

“Nothing is more precious than when you might lose it.”

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