Tick to the Tock – Matthew Turner – Review

Tick to the Tock by Matthew Turner

Intense, soul touching novel worth reading by everyone!
It’s an emotional story that will make us reflect deeply to our lives. It’s about life and death, love and hate, family and strangers, dreams and compromises, heal and pain, present and future. It’s about all of us and the time that we have to spend on this wonderful earth.
I enjoyed reading it and I found myself dreaming to travel around the world with Dante and his friends. I wished there was a cure for his tumour and more life for him. I liked how strong he was.
I like the way the sensitive secrets are revealed and I appreciate the author’s work. Thank you!

Here are some of the quotes I’ve found interesting and I’d like to share:
“Where we have breath, we have hope.”
“On the day I met her, I heard the voice before I saw the face, and although people glorify love at first sight, they rarely consider love at first sound.”
“With words, you can alter an ending. You can transform pain into happiness, sorrow into love.”
“Every traveler I’ve ever met – including myself – is either running away from something – or someone – or searching for something – or someone.”
“Men and women are both after the same thing, but they don’t trust one another.”
“Travelling doesn’t change you at all. It introduces you to new possibilities.”

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