The Aquatic Labyrinth – Alastair Fontana – Review

The Aquatic Labyrinth by Alastair Fontana

Wow! This is an amazing historical mystery that let me understand better how interesting the life in Venice was almost five hundred years ago.

This is a lovely book about power, money, conspiracies, danger on the streets, murders and love stories in that century, Cavalieri di Malta, Kabbalah, Jewish people, noble people, Universe, time, revelations and many secrets of actual interest.

I liked the action and drama in this story, also the whole mystery intrigued me. I guess I liked it most because of the real characters that once lived in Venice, and their mysterious lives. I appreciate the references and the whole information at the end of the book. That was helpful for me.

Thank you for the great book! I would be happy to read another book by Alastair Fontana, because they are well written and page turners!


There are many quotes I found interesting. Here are just some that I want to share:

“Everyone is born one way and stays that way for the rest of his life. Changes are only superficial, never deep.”

“Our soul is given to us on the day of our birth, and we give it back, identical, on the day of our last breath.”

“Uniformity makes things disappear.”

“We are often scared by complexity and we try to avoid it, but in reality the most deadly traps are delightfully simple.”

“Things have to be organized in logical and coherent system in order to make sense.”

“Chaos and randomness are just signs of weakness.”

“A metaphor is an image created by the mind to reduce reality to a simpler form.”

“Ideas are primitive tools, and, in fact, are the most dangerous devices ever invented by the verbal attitude of the human mind.”

“Time is the most incorruptible of the elements, even more so than gold.”

“Power and money have no shame, nor piety.”

“…time is just an illusion, and nothing actually changes.”

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