Confessions of a boy-crazy girl – Paula Hendricks – Review

Confessions of a boy-crazy girl by Paula Hendricks

This is the perfect reading for teen girls or young women who are boy-crazy and like to read journals.

Here you’ll find great advises, funny quiz games, good questions to ask yourself and much more.

I’ve enjoyed reading Paula’s confessions and I find it an entertaining book.

Here are some quotes I like:

“Like it or not, our relationship with God is shaped by our relationship with our dad, and our relationship with God and our dad shapes our interactions with guys.”

“boy craziness is really just girl neediness”

“true love doesn’t take – it gives.”

“I learned (wrongly) that if a guy is mean to a girl, it’s because he secretly likes her. If he’s nice, it’s because he likes her.”

“you can’t love someone when you’re busy hating them!”

“human rejection can be God’s divine protection.”

“God created men to initiate and pursue and women to wait and respond.”

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