Charred and Scarred – Joseph K. Kiser – Review

Charred and Scarred by Joseph K. Kiser

This is an easy reading book with many explanations and quotations from Bible. It is a book of inspiration and blessings, a book of parables and wisdom words, a book that tries to open our eyes and hearts.

I’ve enjoyed reading it and I recommend it to everyone, even if you are not a religious person or you weekly use to go to church.

I’ve found many quotes that I like. I want to share some of them here:

“Money can’t buy faith. Money has no value in eternity.”

“We reject God because we hate the idea that this world isn’t all about us.”

“Life is like a carnival: it has a house of horrors, a tent full of freaks, a team of partially naked people who will dance for us and a group of clowns that we can laugh at.”

“We are all nasty little creatures who focus only on ourselves and our own self-interest.”

“Hope as a weapon is no hope at all.”

“Old sins are replaced with new sins and then old sins creep in again … a constant circle.”

“If life were a book, it would mean that Jesus has written every single page.”

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