The Namesake – Steven Parlato – Review

The Namesake by Steven Parlato

Wow! I love this book! It’s so intense and soul touching. It’s a page turner full of secrets to discover.

My attention was kept from beginning till the last page. I found myself crying, laughing, praying, thinking & wanting to read more.

This story is about suicide, molestation, sins, forgiveness, discovering hurting ugly secrets, everything through the vision of a fifteen year boy whose father killed himself apparently without a reason.

For Evan it’s not easy to face his father’s past, nor to read his old journal. He is searching for answers and discovers old family secrets.

I like the way the sensitive secrets are revealed and I appreciate the author’s work.  Thank you!

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2 Responses to The Namesake – Steven Parlato – Review

  1. Thanks, FlorryAlyna, for your wonderful review of my novel. I really appreciate your sensitive reading of my work. Responses like yours keep me motivated to continue working on the next! All best, Steven

  2. florryalyna says:

    I’ve personally enjoyed reading The Namesake.
    There are lots of secrets, words of wisdom, quotes, even some jokes, that make this novel captivating and soul touching.
    I’m waiting for your next books. I’m sure they will be great too.

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