In This Red Country – J.P.Lantern – Review

In this Red Country - J.P.Lantern

This book challenges our imagination and tells a story of our possible future.

Everything happens on Mars at the time when life for humans is impossible on Earth. Don’t think it’s easy to live on Mars, especially when there are dangerous natives and mutated beasts. The food and water sources are limited. The fresh air comes from breathers. The pregnant women will have a violent death without medication.

I liked the whole story, I liked Clay (the main character) and I find interesting these quotes:

“The choice between life and death is still a choice!”

“When your mind was against you, you didn’t have anything left.”

“Sometimes in the cities, justice was just men with knives and guns, operating through the skin of the night.”

“People dislike everything, especially decisions.”

“I think humans can get used to anything. I think we’re all good at forgetting.”


I’m curious what happens in the next book of the series 🙂


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