Kalorama Shakedown – Robert Bruce Stewart – Review

Kalorama Shakedown by Robert Bruce Stewart

I liked this mystery book because the case is solved with humor, satire, riddles and all that fun, as the author accustomed us in the other books of the series.

Harry Reese and his funny wife Emmie are in Washington to investigate a mysterious case about the disappearance of some valuable jewelry.

It’s complicated to prove who the thief is when there are implicated various people such as: a countess, doctors, colored servants, sergeants, a general, a senator, some newspapermen and even an enthusiastic child.

In the whole puzzle also appear some murders that may be connected to the thefts, secrets well kept, blackmailing letters and a tempting property.

I liked the main characters and the case solving solution, but I felt sorry for poor Emmie. This time she turned fifty shades of red, was covered in mud, people ridiculed her and she was “almost” solving the case.

I’m looking forward for the next mystery of the funny couple!

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